I was tasked with building the landing page for a new campaign for Distrelec named 'EMPOWER THE STUDENT' - My first instinct was to use the colour green to represent discount and knowledge along with iconography that would compliment the green background. The most important visual aspect here was to make it very easy to navigate around the page implanting a nav bar at each section. This design was also optimised for mobile and tablet. 
The tools used to produce this were Sketch, HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator and our own CMS system (Hybris Marketing)
Throughout the process of designing this page, it was important to keep it all clean and keep all the buttons consistent so the customer would not get confused.
This page generated over €400,000 for the company during the course of the campaign, which i am extremely proud of as this task made me progress from Junior level.
For the official webpage and all web functions be sure to check it out here
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