During this project their was a lot of collaboration from myself and Arduino. Arduino had paid for a big campaign to be featured on our website and wanted their awareness to featured across the entire website, meaning their banner be on the homepage, category pages, pdp pages, email banners and postcard email banners that would be sent out via email to our client database through 'Hyrbis Email Marketing'.
I decided on going with more of Arduino's brand assets than Distrelec's as i felt Arduino would be happier that we acknowledged and took the time to research their own style and brand.
Below is a list of all assets i compiled which had to be translated for 17 different languages as I have to update 17 different websites via the CMS system (Hybris)
Category Banner
PDP Banner
Hero Banner
Postcard Email Banner
All these banners were a huge success in Arduino's campaign as they wanted to promote their awareness and bundles they had on offer. Arduino was happy with the overall concept and I received positive feedback from them and the wider business of Distrelec.
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